New Dinette Benches

First in Line: The Dinette

The first thing after the front wall, is the dinette.  Following on the (relative) success of copying the old walls, we began re-manufacturing the dinette benches.  We pretty much copied the old design exactly.  The frame members were primarily 1" x 1" dowels.


We did modify the street-side dinette to accommodate a combination propane/carbon dioxide leak detector, and also the power-center for the camper.  Did a little extra work to "counter-sink" the power center so that hopefully it does not get kicked by heels of folks sitting at the dinette (think 5 to 12 year olds that can't stop fidgeting).

The street-side dinette bench framing.

Bench; with propane/co2 leak detector and the power center installed.

30-AMP Load Center


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