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Before The Deconstruction

Interior Shots The Dinette Here's a number of photos of the trailer before the deconstruction.  We took it apart bit by bit...hoping to find that we could reuse some of the structure; but as you will see; it was mostly a total loss.  About the only thing we are reusing is the door frame, and all of the windows. Interior is shown first.  Pretty rough.  The dinette converts into a bed I can actually fit in.  I'm 6'3" - so that's a pretty good space.  Nice feature is the storage behind the bench on the left side that doubles as a shelf. The Kitchen Here's what was left of the kitchen.  Looks like there used to be a gas oven and stove (judging by the hole in the side of the trailer which I presume was a vent. Looking Aft Looking towards the back of the trailer you can see the bench that pulls out to an approximate queen size sleeping area.  There's a bunk that looks like it was added by a previous owner (not origin