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Finally: Something To Build Upon

Trailer Floor Having assembled the belly pan on the trailer frame, we put the floor joists together, put in insulation, and then put the plywood on top.  The insulation was 3" think foam.  The floor of the trailer consist of the following: 1. Galvanized steel belly pan 2. Plastic moisture barrier 3. Floor joists (2" x 3"s) 4. Insulation 5. 3/4" Plywood You can see the various "layers" of the floor in this shot. Here's the new fully assembled floor. Flush anchors bolted through the joists, plywood, and trailer frame. Mapping It Out Here's the floor, with approximate location of major furnishings mapped out in blue tape.

Star Sheet Metal & New Belly Pan

Old School We had to cast about for a while before finding a sheet metal shop that was willing to work with us on what we needed.  We had a few false-starts...and then the clouds parted, the sun came out, and birds began to sing.  We found: Star Sheet Metal in Irving, Texas.  More importantly; we found Henry Cordova...the shop foreman.  Henry is a cool cat...and was in to our project.   Start Sheet Metal is old school.  No website.  No social media presence...but busy as all get out because of word-of-mouth.  Here's what you'll find if you look 'em up on Google: Star Sheet Metal   Sheet metal contractor in Irving, Texas Address: 200 E Pioneer Dr, Irving, TX 75061 Phone: (972) 438-5056 New Belly Pan Henry and team set about fabricating metal for us to use as a new galvanized steel belly pan to protect the bottom of the camper.  They used the trailer as a template, and then secured the metal pieces for transport using strips of wood and some screws th