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Time for Welding

Off to the Welding Shop Having exposed the trailer frame, we were able to assess what needed to be fixed.  The brake drums clearly had "something" rolling around in them.  Upon removal of the drum, I found the brake pad adjustment mechanism had failed, and parts had been rolling around for some time...getting a sort of polishing. Remember those rock tumblers you used to see as a kid that would convert ragged chunks of unattractive slag into the Hope Diamond?   That's pretty much what was going on inside the brake drums, except with asbestos and steel.  Nothing you'd hang on a necklace.
So, we towed the trailer over to DFW Welding Services, where Tim assured us that everything could be fixed...and that he could even add on a 2" receiver hitch.

After... Tim and his team did nice work for us, although our project seemed to get placed into the "low priority" bucket.  Here's some shots of the stuff he fixed up for us.