How This Got Started...

1966 Cree Travel Trailer

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This is Erin, before she drove this teal-green box of torment from Austin to Dallas and had some of the skin peel off.  Read The Blog to find out more...

What have you done Ray?

This isn't quite the catastrophe wrought by The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, but its close.  Have you heard of that movie called "So we bought a Zoo"?  This here is a lot like that; except we bought a 1966 Cree Travel Trailer.

Cree Pamphlet

About all we can find from the interweb is this pamphlet pictured below.  This was on Tin Can Tourists.  As near as we can tell, we got ourselves a jen-you-wine Cree MODEL 16 1/2 FT. 8 FT. WIDE.  The naming convention was obviously developed by a back-room engineer: the creative/marketing folks must have been on vacation when they came up with the names...or drunk.

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