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In the Beginning

Circa May 2016: Introducing our 1996 Cree RV.  Pictured above is our "set of plans."  Let me is too much.  Let me summarize:  we sold our boat because we were never using it, and decided to buy a camper.  The Cree was listed on Craigslist in Austin, TX.  So Erin ran down there during the day, paid cash, and towed it back up to Dallas.  The skin on the driver side began peeling off during the trip.  Erin had to stop and duct-tape it down.  This is called "foreshadowing".   When I got home from work, Erin was beside herself with excitement.  It's cute, right?!?  Hardly; the poor thing was rotten to the core. Years and years worth of water damage had destroyed the structure of the camper.  Really; the skin was the only thing holding the thing together; and as I mentioned: it was peeling off. Erin: "We can re-use a lot of it, don't you think?" Me: "Honey, I love you, but this thing is toast.  We can reuse the jalousie