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Galley Construction - Part I

Galley Considerations In the original camper, the cooktop was located on the right side of the galley (towards the front of the camper).  This put it right next to the dinette.  We looked at this arrangement and decided we weren't comfortable with fire, frying pans, and the potential for hot water and splattering grease to be next to a bench where kids might be sitting.   So, we decided to rearrange the galley. We also wanted to add a few convenience items.  Our new galley would have the following: Sink Three-burner gas stove Built-in convection microwave Hot water heater (under sink) 15 gallon water tank Microwave Regarding the microwave; we visited an airstream dealer and saw a built-in convection unit.  It was a essentially a Cuisinart counter top model, with a custom stainless steel vent/surround.  See the picture of the set up in an Airstream (to the right). The microwave itself was available on a lot of different web sites.  I think we got ours from Best Buy.