Exposing the Rot

Wood Rot

Here's a few details of the condition of the trailer as we were removing the skin.  A lot of the wood that looks black might look like it was burned.  It was in fact rotten.  We experience several pieces of lumber simply falling off the camper as the skin was removed.  Really; it is incredible this thing didn't blow apart while Erin drove it from Austin to Dallas.  Check out the photo below with the anchor bolts hanging loosely...the wood that they were originally anchored in was gone: rotted away.

Here's a close up of the street-side upper roof line curve.  You can see how blocking and strips of plywood were used to create a nice smooth curve.  This portion of the trailer was in relatively good shape.  Although, at the bottom of the curve, the block that was there is almost totally gone.

Contrast that with this shot of the street-side rear, lower curve.  Totally rotted away.  You can see the nails are the only thing remaining.  Yikes.

Here is the same street-side, but this is the rear roof line.  A little better.

And then we have this abomination.  I think this is where the old fridge was.  You can see the framing on the right side of the opening is G-O-N-E.  The metal strapping had nothing with which to connect.

Here is the street-side, front, lower corner.  Check out the anchor bolt.  Ummmm...anchored to what?!?

Not to be out done by the street-side; the curb-side had its share of ugliness.Here is the rear of the coach.