Time to Use The Demolition Saw!

First we removed a single wall, and saved it so that we could use as a template later...

Not for the weak-kneed!

...and the walls, came tumbling down...

Down to the Trailer

Pretty soon we were down to just the floor, and not long after that we had a bare trailer, and a stack of walls and a roof grid.

You too can invest in a camper and have nothing to show for it in a few quick months!

Note the back end of the trailer, particularly the far rear corner where the shower/lavatory was.  This is the portion of the trailer that I could stick my foot through.

As you might imagine, the frame was a little "rough".  check out the outrigger on the far side of the trailer behind the wheel; at some point there was a collision that had knocked it horizontal, instead of vertical like all of the other out riggers.