Galley Construction - Part II

Galley Installation

With the dinette benches in place, we proceeded with install/anchoring of the galley cabinets.  Here's a few shots of the install.  Also, we checked and double checked the fit for the 6-gallon hot water heater and the 15-gallon fresh water tank.  Oh...and the water pump that will be located in the cabinet too.  We're cramming as much in here as possible to have room for storage of other items under the dinette benches and in cabinets.

The cardboard box is a mock-up of the size of the 15-gallon water tank.  We wanted to be sure that if we had to remove the tank in the future, we could get to it by taking out the microwave, lifting out the shelf for the microwave, and accessing the tank from there.  It looks like the plan will work.

Instead of 5 drawers, we'll have 4.  The lower drawer will be false front, since the water tank will be in the way.

The wooden box you see on the left side of the picture is a cover for the wheel well.  Underneath, there is a layer of insulation as well.

Not everything is mounted/anchored to the wall in this photo...that comes after the closet to the left of the galley is finished.  See next post!


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