Flooring First!

Plank Flooring For the Camper

Realizing that the dinette benches and the galley cabinets would require soffits to be placed on the walls...and further realizing that the thickness of the floor covering would dictate where these soffits needed to be placed...we set about selecting flooring.

This took a while.

We ended up with a glue down plank flooring that simulated wood.  When we finally agreed on a product, ordered it, and had it in hand we then had to figure out a pattern that we liked.  We tired a few of the suggested patterns; but finally decided that what we liked best was a totally random pattern.  We also had to take into account the horizontal placement of the planks: you don't want to have to lay a super thin slice along one wall or another.  Here's a couple of photos where we were laying out options:

Checking horizontal alignment.
If this was brick work; I think this layout is called "running bond".

Final Flooring Install

Here's how the complete install looks.  We cut random length pieces.  Again: we got some great tips from Larry at cannedhamtrailers.com.  If you haven't been to his site...go.