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Things slowed down for a while with the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  We typically travel quite a bit to see family and friends this time of year, so work periods have been fewer and farther in between.

We did frame up the interior wall of the bathroom.  This is at the far rear of the trailer.  This is the last piece we need to build before we can "button up" the back of the trailer.  Once that is done and we put the roof on, we can then get an accurate measure around the circumference of a side wall.  This is a key dimension that Hemet Valley RV needs from us before we can order sheet metal.

Our high-level construction timeline is this:

  1. Button-up rear of Trailer
  2. Install roof panels
  3. Install roof truss
  4. Add the block-and-plywood curvature trim pieces (seen in the demolition posts).
  5. Get accurate measurement of exterior wall circumference.
  6. Order sheet metal
  7. Work on running electrical while waiting on sheet metal
  8. Work on rebuilding jalousie windows while waiting on sheet metal
  9. Build a new main entry door and screen door.
  10. Install sheet metal when it arrives
  11. Install windows
  12. Install door and screen door
  13. Install j-rail and otherwise water-proof the camper
  14. Get camper out of public storage and bring home, so we can accelerate construction
  15. Install A/C unit and ceiling fan
  16. Finish interior woodwork: cabinets, bed frame, bathroom
  17. Paint interior
  18. Install appliances, plumbing, gas lines, etc.
  19. Paint exterior

Ouch.  That list was longer than I'd hoped.

In the mean time...

We DID get the rear wall of the bathroom fabricated, and we closed the front of the trailer up by installing the last wall panel, adding framing, and cutting out the windows.  Also, we bought vintage wheels and had them powder coated.  New tires and vintage chrome hub caps were a must.  Enjoy the photos below:


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