Before The Deconstruction

Interior Shots

The Dinette
Here's a number of photos of the trailer before the deconstruction.  We took it apart bit by bit...hoping to find that we could reuse some of the structure; but as you will see; it was mostly a total loss.  About the only thing we are reusing is the door frame, and all of the windows.

Interior is shown first.  Pretty rough.  The dinette converts into a bed I can actually fit in.  I'm 6'3" - so that's a pretty good space.  Nice feature is the storage behind the bench on the left side that doubles as a shelf.

The Kitchen

Here's what was left of the kitchen.  Looks like there used to be a gas oven and stove (judging by the hole in the side of the trailer which I presume was a vent.

Looking Aft

Looking towards the back of the trailer you can see the bench that pulls out to an approximate queen size sleeping area.  There's a bunk that looks like it was added by a previous owner (not original).  You can also see the closet on the left which is mostly taken up by the gas furnace.  Not much difference from this furnace to once that you find in single family homes from the 60's.  Lastly, you can see the aluminum patch over the hole where there was first a window...that got closed in and repurposed with an air conditioner.  This opening turned out to be a bad addition.  Lot's of water damage in this area.  I could almost put my foot through the floor of the trailer in this area, because the wood was so rotten.

Roof Water Damage

Water damage where the roof vent either leaked, or was left open.  Or both.  Looks like both, to me.

This photo shows the aft of the trailer.  On the right you can see a closet, and the door for the shower/toilet area.

These two shots show the interior of the toiler/shower area.  I hope you weren't eating anything...

Exterior Shots

Here's the entry.  Lot's of folks have commented on the color.  These photos hide what was really going on. Either the previous owner, or the seller really put some lipstick on this pig.  All of the metal that would ordinarily be polished had been painted silver, and it looks like the teal blue was rolled on to freshen up the look.  He probably figured **somebody** would fall for it.  He was right...he found US!

One nice detail is that the retractable step has the CREE name stamped into it.  You can buy lots of after market steps...but probably can't find these any more.

Here the back.  Things aren't improving really.  There's that patch from where the air conditioner once resided.  And you can see a larger repair from where the original window was removed.  Once nice addition, which we plan to keep, is that the trailer frame was extended to allow for an exterior storage bin.  We figure that will be handy for trailer jacks, a grey water hose, wheel chocks, etc.  Plenty of working lights. 

Here's the tongue.  Kind of a mess too.

Detail Shots

Here's a bunch of detail photos...
Closet Interior
Under Sink

Some other exterior shots

Front Window
Broken Bargman
Door & Window Detail